Hedley's Fine Art, Antiques and Designer Services

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A Vital Need

Goods arriving at Hedley's Inc storage facilities are rigorously inspected, double checked, documented and added to an online photographic inventory system.  

Fluctuations in temperature can seriously damage artworks, antiques, textiles and musical instruments.  Oil paint cracks and flakes, photographs fade and dim, veneers shrink and peel, delicate fabrics deteriorate and wooden objects become brittle, split and weaken. Additionally, high and low humidity levels create their own problems such as mold and mildew growth and even adverse chemical reactions on variety of unique and valuable objets d’art.​

Hedley's Inc can also assist with Fairs and Events where exhibiting goods under bond is now no longer permitted under the new EU regulations. 

Hedley's Inc Storage Services Include:

  • Centrally located facilities in New York, London and Paris.

  • Climate and temperature controlled rooms.

  • 24 hour surveillance.

  • State of the art fire and security systems.

  • Racking for easy access.

  • Viewing room facility.

  • Photographic inventory management system.