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Depending on the size, weight and nature of the object, Hedley's Inc will advise on the best shipping options available.

For maximum security and protection, Hedley's Inc provides regular groupage and dedicated services to and from the United States and Europe as well as to and from other worldwide destinations. 

Loading and unloading takes place at our own facilities in New York, London and Paris, or at one of our vetted overseas agents and partners.


Hedley's Inc manages all US and EU custom clearance to ensure the quality and the accuracy of declaration forms, as well as increasing the security of your shipment.

Overseas customs clearance present us with no problems that we are not used to dealing with.

We take that extra care not only in packing but also in handling the documentation to ensure that no mishaps occur in transit or at borders.


by Sea


  • Home Use and Free Circulation.

  • HMRC Bonded Warehousing.

  • Museum and Gallery Relief.

  • Temporary & Permanent Export.

  • Personal Effects.

  • Diplomatic Goods.

  • ATA Carnets.

  • USDA Permits.

  • ISF 10+2 Filing.

Please contact our team for more information about available sea freight shipping options.

For over 40 years, Hedley's Inc has provided shipping by sea freight container when shipping bulkier goods and large consignments such as large sculpture, stone or for trade fair and events.