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  • Suited for economical one-way transport and short-term storage

  • Extra thick battens placed only at corners ensure sturdy construction and reduce shipping volume overall

  • Strong enough for international transport

  • Shell constructed of battened ACX

  • Interior packing can be equal in quality to a travel crate or scaled back as safety of the object and budget permit

  • Exterior fit and finish upgrades such as bolt closures are also available for these crates

  • Suited for extended traveling shows, high-end artworks, long-term storage, or where inclement weather is a factor

  • Shell constructed of battened MDO, with plastic laminate under each face for a dual moisture barrior

  • Interior lined with high-grade EPS, rigid thermal insulation

  • All contents cushioned in optimal foam protection - exterior painted, stenciled and lacquered for moisture

  • Resistance and identification

  • Lid gasket and bolt closures for a consistent air-tight seal on every leg of a touring exhibition

  • No exposure of artworks to wood

  • For chemically unstable objects, EPS can be lined with Marvel seal for insulation from gasses and pollutants

  • Interior seams can be sealed for further moisture barrier


Hedley's Inc packing team select only the best materials to be made into custom packaging, shadow boxes & portfolios for transporting valuable artwork or delicate objects. 

Whether shipping by land, sea or air, Hedley's Inc understand the items they move. Small or large, old or new, they all get the protection they need.

All staff undergo rigorous training to ensure packing is always carried out carefully and expertly. Export packing requires special know-how and we carry out custom packing for all types of load.