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Hedley's Inc has accreditation from a number of professional associations and bodies.
We are an IATA - registered cargo agent, and members of BIFA, BAR and LAPADA. These give us the edge when dealing with government authorities, buying outside services and getting access to the information we need.

We know how to deal with all the red tape, so there are no unnecessary delays at exit or entry points. Full export and import documentation is provided. We are authorized by Customs to act as an approved depository for receiving items bought for export and in assisting in reclaiming taxes.


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New Restrictions on Ivory from 28.01.2015


For your convenience, when shopping, we will supply you with a purchase book, stickers and swing tickets to make it easier to track your purchases.

When you have filled out your purchase order you will have four copies:

  1. The top copy is white and should be handed to the seller.
  2. The next two copies are pink and blue and both should be posted or handed in to the Hedley's Fine Art office.
  3. The final copy is green and should be retained by you as your reference.


You may use our Clients Trust Account for your purchases if you do not have your own English or French checking account.
As you will appreciate, dealers like to be paid immediately at all outdoor antique fairs. Shops are prepared to wait a week. We would need, therefore, for you to wire some funds before you arrive and to transfer the total amount as soon as you can after your return to the USA. As we wil have to 'field' the phone calls in the meantime.

It should be noted that it is wise to arrive with a reasonable amount of cash for purchases from street market traders. All monies should be transferred to us in pounds sterling for UK purchases and euros for French purposes. You should advise your bank that all bank transfer charges are for your account.

Unfortunately, we do have to charge for our book-keeping services and the rate for this is £50 (€80) plus £5 (€8) per check written. It should be noted also that we cannot be held responsible for any losses by you if the suppliers offer the goods for resale while we are awaiting the bank transfer as we will in no circumstances pay for any goods until cleared funds are in our bank account.

For our records and to avoid any confusion with regards to your disbursements, we would ask you to send us separately, a list of suppliers to be paid with the amounts and corresponding purchase sheet reference numbers.


We can supply you with a courier to help you with your purchases. If you are not familiar with your whereabouts but still want to enjoy art or antique shopping, why not take advantage of our courier service. We can supply you with a courier with local knowledge who may just help you to track down that elusive piece to complete your collection or furnish your home.

If you happen to find yourself in Paris, the Flea Market or the French Riviera our French couriers all speak fluent English and can help with translation and to negotiate that special bargain.

In addition, all our French office staff speak fluent English.